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July 2, 2016.

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GROW! Deluxe Home Edition DVD


The Deluxe Edition DVD includes the 60 minute version of GROW! plus 30 minutes of Bonus Features including Behind The Scenes, Backstories and more. Licensed for Personal, Home Use Only.

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GROW! Screener DVD

Host a Screening


Screening fees are based on the number of people you are planning on having attend your event. You can take donations or charge admission to help cover the costs of your screening or raise funds for your organization.

Screening fees include the 60 minute GROW! Screener DVD, all materials in our electronic press kit and a license to screen the film once in public… which keeps things legal, covers you from copyright infringement and helps to support the efforts of the filmmakers.

Choose the type of screening you plan on hosting:

Small Community Screening $50

Medium Community Screening $100

Large Community Screening $200


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Educational DVDs


To purchase the 60 minute Deluxe Edition Educational DVD with Scene Selections and Bonus Features, select your option below. License includes PPR.





Looking to shake things up and inform your community but don’t have a lot of time? The new specially edited DOWN + DIRTY 23 minute version of GROW! is ideal for stimulating discussions about community building, land stewardship, farm preservation and the importance of locally grown food for everyone. This version features 6 of the 12 farms in the regular version.

Price includes the DVD, access to all materials in our electronic press kit, and a license that allows you to host a screening of the film in a public place for an unlimited amount of people.

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