The Farmers

The farmers featured in GROW! range in age from 23-38.

Twelve are Georgia natives and while most come from the South, a few have migrated from Northern states like VT, PA, CT. One is from Canada. Most of the farmers are college educated and hold degrees in such subjects as Accounting, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, Photography, Theology, Horticulture, Political Science, Business, History, Education, BioSystems Engineering and Computer Science.

Of the 12 farms, 4 are managed, 2 are on traditional family land, 2 are renting or leasing, 3 are borrowing land, 1 farm is owned in partnership with their parents. All work on their farms full time and are able to make a living by farming.

Jenny-Jack Sun Farm

Sun Dog Farmers

Serenbe Farms

Hope Grows

Manyfold Farm

Woodland Gardens

Love is Love Farm

Oakleaf Mennonite Farm

Riverview Farms

W.A. Hennessy Farm

Burge Organic Farm

Bethesda Gardens