The Farmers

The farmers featured in GROW! range in age from 23-38.

Twelve are Georgia natives and while most come from the South, a few have migrated from Northern states like VT, PA, CT. One is from Canada. Most of the farmers are college educated and hold degrees in such subjects as Accounting, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, Photography, Theology, Horticulture, Political Science, Business, History, Education, BioSystems Engineering and Computer Science.

Of the 12 farms, 4 are managed, 2 are on traditional family land, 2 are renting or leasing, 3 are borrowing land, 1 farm is owned in partnership with their parents. All work on their farms full time and are able to make a living by farming.

Jenny-Jack Sun Farm

"To put your hands in the earth and watch things grow right before your eyes everyday is pretty amazing."

"Everyday you wake up and you make the decision on what's the most important thing for me to do today... and you go and do it."

Sun Dog Farmers

"Farming is everything to me and I'm just so grateful that I figured it out and I can do it for the rest of my life."

"That's a beautiful thing when you can do something that you love and get a little bit of money for it."

Serenbe Farms

"Farming wouldn't be quite as much fun without all the challenges. I like to think that because we have so many challenges it makes our successes that much more exciting."

"We're working towards a positive future."

Hope Grows

"The main mission is to grow clean, fair food and make a living."

"Farming is an activism for a way of life that is in danger."

Manyfold Farm

"There's something very primally satisfying about watching the seasons and doing different things on the cue of the seasons."

"I enjoy both the challenges and the pleasures of working outdoors and I enjoy that everything you do has some kind of tangible, meaningful impact."

Woodland Gardens

"I can whine up a storm some days but I know that I still love it and I'm excited to get up every day and go to work."

Love is Love Farm

"Farming has given me the opportunity to be the anarchist that my heart always yearns to be and the capitalist that I always ran away from."

Oakleaf Mennonite Farm

"Becoming so much more conscious of where the things that are nourishing your body come from is one of the most amazing parts of farming."

"Farming is what I want to be doing now and what I see myself doing until I can't do it anymore."

Riverview Farms

"We all kind of have a responsibility to leave what we've got in better shape."

"My original intention was going to Med School...This is much more in tune with what I wanted to do in life and more about who I am than where you think you're heading when you're 20 something."

W.A. Hennessy Farm

"I'd much rather be out in the field in August than behind a desk anytime of the year."

Burge Organic Farm

"People are re-evaluating whether or not they need to make a whole bunch of money or if they need to provide a healthy positive environment for their families and a comfortable way to live."

Bethesda Gardens

"I love a lot of things about farming... I love that I love work."

"Maybe we're still in that romantic phase of being excited to farm. I hope it never wears off but we really love every minute of it."

Farm Apprentices

"We are the future of food."

"It's so exciting that people are seeing that we don't have to do with what the culture has given us. We can create something better for ourselves."