The Music

We composed some of the soundtrack ourselves, but for the bulk of it, we were lucky to find Little Country Giants, a great husband/wife songwriting duo from Georgia. They were generous enough to let us tinker with the music from their 3 CD’s. In the end, we used 11 of their songs. We decided to include the band for a few cameos in the movie which we filmed on their beautiful farm in the northern part of the state.

When performing live and recording, the band consists of a variety of musicians from a countrywide talent pool with instruments that might include a fiddle, a mandolin, slide guitar, trap kit, buckboard, and back-up vocals.

As one reviewer puts it:

“These songs taste like the South, rich with the sounds of Georgia’s roots and the musical seeds of America grown.”

“I Think of You” is the film’s outro credit song. The video was filmed on location at the Chicken Shack Honky Tonk and features Wes Swancy, one of our GROW! farmers, as the ‘truck drivin man’.

LITTLE COUNTRY GIANTS music available online at iTunes

LITTLE COUNTRY GIANTS music available online at